ZTOWER High-Tech Park & Business Center is a nearly 7000 office & retail complex located in Chisinau, 8/1 Calea Ieșilor str. It is reachable within 10 minutes by car or over a dozen public transportation means from the city center. Aimed at hosting mostly technology companies, the building format is largely suitable for progressive companies that require open space layout offices, a personal approach in managing the leasehold throughout the lease term, available parking and scalable building equipment.

ZTOWER High-Tech Park & Business Center leases offices from 18 to 1150 sq m per floor. The average asked price is 10.5 €/sq m/month w/o VAT. The tenant is also charged a service charge of 1.5 €/sq m/month w/o VAT and utilities cost. The building provides cca. 1 parking spot for each 60 sqm of leased area. The building manages the daily footfall of nearly 1000 office workers through a system of 4 Klemann elevators. Out tenant servers and electric infrastructure are connected to 4060 kW/h electric system available on-site. The property features an autonomous gas boiler heating system, forced draft-exhaust and blast ventilation system, multiple zone inverter air conditioning, first class VIP shuttle, on-site security and access control system. A conference room for 60 people is available free of charge fro tenants upon early booking. A 10% rent discount is offered for pre-paid annual rent. The building also benefits from its near-park location and continuous urban infrastructure upgrade.

ZTOWER High-Tech Park & Business Center was commissioned in late 2014 after a $4.5 million renovation and reconstruction project managed by a team of local and international (American) managers.